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Since the 15th of may there is nothing that can stop you anymore! Informetricity | Echoes of the future is out now! You can use Technologies, that are far ahead of your time now to build your own world of the future! Build with the help of the newest technology from the remote future your personal unique and especially futuristic Informetricity terrain and let your creativity flow. Informetricity expands with plasma lasers and proton beamers to help you build the empire you wish for in the fastes way. Furthermore the most efficient spaceships for transport are available to save time. Neural injections help to "motivate" your workers to think and act faster than normalbecause they unlock parts of their brain to equate your ideals.Build your world of the future as you imagined until today in real time.Only in the world of Informetricty | Echoes of the future. Out now as DLC! Expand your horizon of ann infinite world.