The new simulation game
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The developer team of "Informetricity" consists of Lars Milferst├Ądt(Student,22), Kevin Kammradt(Student,23) and Tom Schuhmann(Student,20). We got to know each other at the end of 2013 beginning the study path of "information science and language technology. All three of us met as freshman. In the 4th semester we teamed up in the scope of informetrics of the module I4 and have build a group. The task is to design a website to the topic "informetricity" in a way so that it is as high as possible in the ranking of the google search. The way how everyone works with this expression is free minded.So the thought to develop a simulation game came to our mind. And we did it.Now here it is, our Website to the game "Informetricity". Much fun playing wishes the whole developer team.